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FL Contractors Application is a company created more than 10 years ago in the state of Florida, one of the states most known for the great movement in residential construction and housing throughout the state, we also help other real estate companies and roots to remodel houses that have damage to their structures, paintings, ceilings, floors, and any accessories or things of the house, so that they can be sold again to a new owner who wants to buy it.

We have a qualified team in construction with physically prepared young people to perform strong jobs and with people with experience to plan and structure the work to be done in any residential building or home.

We are characterized mainly by making light buildings in houses or buildings, such as the placement of short ceiling space, the placement of a ceramic floor or the painting of a room or the entire site. Therefore, we also carry out any remodeling of work done by us or by any other company, always evaluating the scene in which we are going to work and how the work has been in previous cases.

Many people and companies have qualified us as one of the best companies in the state of Florida to perform this type of work in this type of area, so that our workers and their vehicles are always moving around the state, always doing the best work to all our customers.

Our creator Mary Fenton saw the need that there was in the area to create this type of projects with these special characteristics of being a renovating and useful company in this aspect. We started as a small company with few workers and doing minor jobs, but little by little seeing the increase in work, we saw the need to find more workers and more vehicles, so that our customers were mostly satisfied with our jobs.

We are a growing company so we hope that in the following years we will be able to continue growing and that our customers can continue to be satisfied when they see our jobs in their homes or buildings.